Seylan bank PLC is one of the best banks in Sri Lanka providing various services to their clients. Due to the number of clients who wished to do transactions in real time the bank developed a computerized Seylan internet banking where the clients can do business with the bank while in different parts of the country within a limited period. The services for internet banking were introduced in the year 2001 and all the account or credit card holders are given the chance to do an internet activity by just clicking.

A) The services offered and accessibility

Clients who have signed up for the Seylan internet banking can access several feature and services that include;Reporting and deactivating of any lost Credit and Visa cards for any client. Clients can also activate the same cards.Transferring of funds to different banks and to other Seylan bank onlinePaying of utility billsChecking balances and getting a copy of recent transactions. This includes checking the Seylan credit card information and their payments i.e. limits on credits, date of pay and last date of transactions.Request on cash advancesStopping of payments and issuing of bank cheque booksMaking loan inquiriesReceiving and sending short messages from Seylan administrators

Number of linked accounts in Seylan

 Seylan Internet Banking

Seylan Internet Banking

Client at Seylan bank can use the internet banking options in either the current or savings account, partner account with only one signatory allowed, corporate accounts and other individual account in either Rupee or the foreign currency.

Safety and security

Seylan internet banking provides the latest technology in security for all their clients. First every account holder has been given a special personal identification number known as PIN which is only known to the person. Even the bank employees cannot tamper with it.

Secondly the Seylan system has the ability to detect any fraud by offering the number of attempts in entering the number. Any exceed in the number of attempts and the account is closed. Clients are advised to look for secure places and sites to carry out internet transactions and never disclose the information to others.

The bank can use the cookie option to gather general transaction information from your computer and enhance security. The bank has also a high technology for use in private data.

Customer service options

 Seylan Internet Banking

Seylan Internet Banking

Seylan internet banking clients have access to customer support all day long. For emergencies there is a customer representative ready to talk you out or the automated systems. Clients can also reach the services through emails and fax. One can also communicate online.

B) Banking and Monetary services

Annual percentage yields

Clients have the option of opening various savings accounts that attracts an APR rate of 4.5% for the savings account p.a. This is a flat rate charged by Seylan. Other deposits will depend on the deposit terms that will defer on the amount and time of repayments.

Additional products and services

Seylan bank will offer phone banking and SMS banking, personalized banking services, offshore banking, pawning services, corporate banking and international trade assistance.

Automatic saving plan

Seylan bank has different saving plans for its clients with some account offering winners’ prices. One of the winning schemes is in the Seylan Thagi Pita Thagi competitions where the more you transact the higher the chances of winning on different prices.

C) Registration Process

The registration process for Seylan internet banking is simple. A client must log into their site to complete the procedure online. The site will guide the user on how to go about it.
Seylan Internet Banking services is a good choice.

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