Saraswat bank internet banking services were introduced in the year 2004 to allow its customers to from any branch that they have. They have 220 branches which are fully computerized as at 30/11/2011 and they cover more than six states i.e Gurjrat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Goa . These branches satisfy their customers beyond satisfaction. Saraswat bank internet banking is available to all customers of all branches.

A) The Services Offered and Accessibility


Loans – Through Saraswat bank internet banking, all loan accounts for corporate can be mapped to a particular customer ID. Specific details like next installment due date, loan due date, Export and Import bills, and Letter of Credit among many other facilities are viewed.
Accounts related operations– Details of CASA account holders are be mapped to one’s customer ID. The details viewed include name of account, the account no, account details, and the current balance mapped to the customer ID.
Mails– Customers send mails or inquiries via Saraswat bank internet banking. And the relationship managers will respond within 12 hrs. Registering for messages and alerts, Change of Password and Session summary report that shows the summary of your log-in activities
Funds transfer operation – Through, funds can be transferred without restrictions of time from any one of your accounts to any account within Saraswat bank and through RTGS for other accounts.
Customer Service customization– Customer services than can be viewed via Saraswat bank internet banking include:

status of cheques – To inquire if a certain cheque has cleared or not, forex rate, stopping cheque payment, Bulletins, check book inquiry, Mail Box.

– Add nicknames and set primary account if you have various banks and customize date formats among others
Activity– Customer view different activities that are both financial and non-financial performed by him/her during a certain period of time
E-Statements– Bank statements can be received by e-mail through Saraswat bank internet banking. The e-statements can be received monthly, forth-night, weekly or daily or at your convenience and request Customers receive e-statements free of charge except for those who require daily statements.

Linked accounts numbers

Saraswat bank internet banking offers personalized banking of all types of accounts in major leading currencies for example dollars, rupee, pound and euro. Term account certificates are also offered besides business to business corporate banking products.

Security and safety

Saraswat bank Internet Banking

Saraswat bank Internet Banking

The rule of “what you have and what you know now” works best for Double Authentication Factor. You are issued with a four digit pin of RSA at inception which is “what you know”. The number is always changeable by the client at will. The Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman (RSA) token generate a number randomly every sixty seconds, which is “what you have”. The validity of this number is sixty sec. You have to combine the RSA PIN and the Random No to get a Password that you will use to authenticate. This will ensure total security for all Saraswat bank internet banking.

Customer Service Options

Through helpline telephone number for Saraswat bank internet banking, customers are always free 24hrs 7 days to resolve any query that they may have. They can also send their feedback for service improvements or complaint instantly through online support.

B) Monetary and Banking Service

Annual % yields

There are different savings accounts are offered by Saraswat bank where the APR ranges as from 5.0% to 9.0% depending on the interest and tenure payment option that one choses.
Term certificates do offer an APR ranging as from 7.0% to 12.0% based on the tenure and schedule of interest payments chosen.

More products and services

Saraswat bank Internet Banking

Saraswat bank Internet Banking

Other services offered by the bank are Consumer finance products and you can also get loans for motor vehicle, personal loans and mortgage loans based on your eligibility.Auto savings plan
The rupee saving accounts provides, expected monthly revenue through interest payment and other benefits altogether.

C) Registration Process

To register for Saraswat bank internet banking, having an account with this bank is mandatory. Just click ‘log in’ page in the bank’s website to register; then click the ‘registration link’ to proceed with your registration by following the laid down instructions. The process is very simple.

Saraswat bank Internet Banking services is a good choice.

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