MyState customers can get the internet banking service free of cost and they can avail of it anywhere in the world.

A) The Services Offered and Accessibility

MyState Internet Banking

MyState Internet Banking

 Access to the money

As a MyState customer, you now do not have to visit the physical branch of your bank and can use the internet banking for the following activities:

  • View and monitor the expense transactions
  • Transfer your funds from one account to the other
  • Make payment of utility bills
  • Activate or deactivate debit and credit cards
  • Check the status of cheques that you have issued
  • Observe the account and check for any malicious activity
  • Get printouts of current and past account statements

    MyState Internet Banking

    MyState Internet Banking

Number of linked accounts

There are different account types offered by MyState. These are savings accounts, youth accounts, Offset accounts, Bill Payer accounts and Term Deposit accounts.

MyState also advises its customers on how to manage or reduce their banking fees through many tips such as:

  • Consolidating multiple accounts
    • Using fee-free ATMs
    • Making payments with Visa Debit
    • Paying utility bills through phone or by internet banking
    • Avoiding making frequent as well as small withdrawals
    • Avoiding taking cash advances using the Visa Debit card

Safety And Security

MyState uses the 128-bit standard and approved (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology so that your access codes, passwords and account details cannot be hacked. When you are browsing, the symbol of a closed padlock appearing and remaining on your screen indicates that the session is encrypted and you are being well protected.

There is also the VeriSign Secured Seal that appears on your login page, which when clicked will open up a window indicating that your session is being encrypted.

Another tip is the green color of the address bar when you are browsing. That also indicates that your session is encrypted and safe.

Customer Service Options

You can contact MyState through email, phone banking or through a physical visit. There are separate numbers provided for reporting lost Visa debit or credit cards for local and overseas customers of the bank. Any complaints can be emailed to the bank using the ‘Resolving your Complaints’ form and you can expect a resolution either immediately or within 21 days.


B) Banking and Monetary Services

Annual percentage yield

There are three types of term deposit products on offer – term deposit, online term and income term deposits. By using the term deposit interest calculator that is provided free online, you can determine your rate of return. You can invest for 30 days to 24 months depending on your need.

The minimum amount for all the above three products is $5000. You can apply for any of them through phone banking, making a personal visit or by emailing them.

Additional products and services

The bank offers a variety of insurance loans such as landlord insurance, home and contents insurance, motor vehicle and travel insurance.

It also offers personal loan products for home loan and you would be able to calculate your repayment amounts immediately making use of the online calculators provided for free.

Automatic savings plan

The online savings account product enables you to earn a higher rate of interest without having to keep a minimum balance. This product allows you to transfer funds without any transfer fees. The interest is computed daily but paid every quarter.

C) The Registration Process

There are very helpful internet banking videos provided on the site that you can watch to understand how to go about the registration as well as other different transactions.

There is also a User guide provided on the site by the bank for new users.

MyState Internet Banking services is a good choice.

To visit the official MyStateInternet Banking click here.

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