Mahabank being amongst the top banks in terms of customer base, infrastructure and facilities provided and has fairly succeeded in providing useful and innovative netbanking services anytime and anywhere in a secure environment free of cost. This service is available 24*7 with internet access.

A) The Services Offered and Accessibilty

a) Access to the money

Viewing of account summary, current balance, all historic transactions, mini and detailed statements.
Get alerts for any activity in accounts on your mobiles and via emails.
Providing a secure pin for every transaction done.
Make payments online for any services.
Viewing status of a deposited cheque or stopping the payment of a cheque.
Requesting a new cheque book at ur address.
Transfering online payments to different accounts.
Buying and selling of shares, bonds and policies online throught demat account.

b) Number of linked accounts

Linking of multiple accounts like Savings, Current, Credit cards, Demat, Mutual funds and Fixed deposits accounts to a single Netbanking ID.
It also offers linking of accounts in all major currencies like rupee, dollar, pound and euro.

c) Safe and Security

Mahabank Internet Banking

Mahabank Internet Banking

It uses high-grade Encryption for secure login and transaction.
Three unsuccessful attempts will lock the account and can be reactivated only after a phonebanking call.
After a timeperiod of five minutes the transaction doesn’t takes place and you need to relogin to open your netbanking account. This is another way.
It has enabled virtual keyboard login to stop any software from recording your passwords when you type them.Virutal keyboard asks you to choose the password letters by a mouse. This is how no hacker can decipher your password code.

d) Customer Service Options

The Mahabank Customer Services are available 24*7 for its customer.You can resolve any queries. Customers can submit feedback online. They offer customers to clear all their utility bills online like electricity, gas, landline, and mobile phone bills, insurance premiums, credit cards bills, etc.

B) Banking and Monetary Services

Mahabank Internet Banking

Mahabank Internet Banking

a) Annual percentage yield

There are different types of accounts which offer a wide interest range from 3% to 9.75%
Fixed depositers earn a higher interst rate and the senior citizens also get a better percentage of interest.

b) Additional products and services

Along with various accounts the bank also offers home loans car loans, life insurance policies and investments.
It also offers a reduction in tax rate.

c) Automatic savings plan

The automatic savings plan offers monthly incomes along with high interest and other benefits.
For women’s and senior citizens it offers a higher rate with less balance.

C) The Registration Process

Its a very simple process.You need to fill a netbanking form and for that you need to have a bank account.Follow the registration instructions and your netbanking password will b generated.

To register with Mahabank Internet Banking is a great option. Every customer is their priorty. The site speed is high and is upgraded periodically. It formats all its rules and regualtions as per the requirements of its customer. Its a great choice to go with.

Mahabank Internet Banking services is a good choice.

To visit the official Mahabank Internet Banking click here.

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