A) The Services Offered and Accessibility

HBL Internet Banking

HBL Internet Banking

Access to the money

Thanks to internet banking, HBL account holders now can easily access and look at their accounts 24×7 from wherever they are and at any time.

HBL online internet banking enables their customers to:

  • Verify their balances and get real time status
  • Monitor their spending history
  • Access any past transaction or statements of accounts
  • Request for changes as desired
  • Monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity
  • Transfer funds when required between different accounts
  • Contact customer support when in need

Number of linked accounts

HBL Internet Banking

HBL Internet Banking

HBL offers savings, deposit accounts, term accounts, current accounts and foreign currency accounts and customers can choose the one most suited to their needs. They can access any of the above mentioned accounts through internet banking.

Safety And Security

Customers at HBL are adequately protected through robust security measures that have been put in place and these are in line with the practices followed by most major financial institutions across the world.

Customers have the security of high-level encryption, which makes it impossible for any hacker to decipher or intercept. The firewalls too are extremely effective in blocking access except to registered users with the right PIN or password. They also advise customers about the right anti virus software packages to be used on their computers or laptops for total safety.

It is however highly recommended to customers that they should keep the password well hidden and should not share it with anybody directly or through email solicitation.

Customer Service Options

The Phone banking services of the bank can be used by customers to solve any queries in addition to getting many other services. Customers are also advised to directly approach their local branch to solve issues quickly.


B) Banking and Monetary Services

Annual percentage yield

HBL offers term accounts that have multiple options and the APR would vary according to the tenure chosen. The minimum investment that is needed is Rs.25, 000. Depositors can get a loan upto 90% of their investment.

Additional products and services

Customers can get the HBL credit card, debit card, make utility payments and also avail of mutual fund services offered by the bank. Home loan, car loan and fast transfer of funds facilities are also offered.

Automatic savings plan

Customers can choose between different types of saving accounts where the APR ranges from 5.06% to 8%. These are the HBL Value Account, Daily Munafa Account, Daily Progressive Account, Remittance Munafa Account and PLS – Saving Account.

C) The Registration Process

Customers only need to visit the HBL site to register for their internet banking account. The registration is free.

HBL Internet Banking services is a good choice.

To visit the official HBL Internet Banking click here.


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