Capitec Bank is based in the Republic of South Africa. It offers 24 hour support through internet banking service to its customers, and is also one of the most widely used internet banking providers available today. This article was written to give you a view on the most important aspects picking an internet banking provider, the goal is to save you time while reviewing different Internet Banking services and compering them to the Capiteg Internet Banking, if you like what you see you can than go to the official website(Find the link at the bottom of the article)

The Offer

Capitec internet banking is a totally free service providing its customers a safe and compact internet banking environment. It offers one of the cheapest and the simplest products. The main attraction provided by this bank is that it offers only a single form of transaction account, namely the Global One Account, regardless of the income level of its various customers. The APY or Annual Percentage Yield is also quite impressive, with a 1 year term giving yields of around 6.15%. There are also no extra fees for this service.

You can easily link your other internet bank accounts with Capitec, and thus zap your money back and forth very easily. All you need to do is log in to your Capitec bank account and request for your desired transfer, which is totally free on the part of Capitec Internet Banking.

The Extras

You can pay all your bank bills using this internet banking service at just the expense of a small charge. Other than just offering simple savings income plan, Capitec also has its own CD’s. Hence, you may invest your surplus cash into this product, which has a comparatively higher rate of return than other conventional banks.

They also do offer convenient loan features, which allow you to chose from various of their loan options, with compact repayment terms.

The Capitec Bank’s customer service provides you with immediate response to any query made online through their website’s interactive service. You may fully rely on the Capitec Internet Banking service, as it is 100% FDIC insured, thus no unnecessary tension of losing any of your money.

Capitec Internet Banking services is a good choice.

To visit the official Capitec Internet Banking click here

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