BRAC Bank Internet Banking

BRAC Bank Internet Banking

BRAC bank is the earliest private commercial bank of Bangladesh and its headquarters are in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. BRAC bank is said to be the last group that have received license of commercial banking from Bangladesh Bank. BRAC, a largest non-governmental organization of the world partially possesses this bank. BRAC bank was basically originated to serve millions of medium and small enterprises. BRAC bank is one of popular names that use to provide different internet bankingservices in Bangladesh. Online fund transfer, utility bill payment, e-statements, online transactions and many other services are provided by this bank. You can enjoy terrific online banking services simply by logging in to BRAC bank’s official website. People also have access to their current and saving accounts online and they can enjoy different banking services free of cost.

A) The Services Offered and Accessibility

Access to money

BRAC bank is listed among top banks of Bangladesh just because of enormous banking services. This bank is available 24/7 to assist people in a way; people have complete access to their money. They can transfer and withdraw their money anytime according to their needs. With the help of this service individuals have complete information about their bank account and balance. Paying utility is a brilliant service that keeps you away from crowd and mental irritation. You can get alerts via email or SMS about what is happening in your account.

Number of linked accounts

BRAC bank Internet Banking

BRAC bank Internet Banking

BRAC bank offers different types of personal banking accounts in various currencies of the world such as Euro, USD, Pound, and Australian dollar etc.

Safety and security

BRAC bank has one of the world’s best security systems that help their account holders to have a great peace of mind. With the presence of full proof security system, you credentials and accounts are safe and no one can hack them. BRAC bank has some powerful firewalls that guard against foreign attempts to get into the accounts. Three wrong attempts and account will be locked automatically, and only can be opened after complete verification.

Customer Service Options

Online internet banking is available 24 hour for account holders and it helps to resolve different problems. Customers can also give their feedback which is importantly considered by bank officials.

B) Banking and Monetary Services

Annual percentage yield

Annual percentage yield of the saving account totally depends on the interest ratio that is selected at the time of account opening. APR is applied according to schedule and bank policy.

Additional products and services

Extra services include loans for property and vehicle, loan for business and also personal loans that depend on your eligibility.

Automatic savings plan

Saving plans can be very beneficial as you can find automatic savings in your account according to the policies of bank. You can also enjoy many other beneficiaries with the help of interest amount.

C) The Registration Process

Registration process for BRAC bank is simple and easy, you just have fill up a registration form online, and you will be given a login id and password. You can use that id and password to access your account online with all other services. Selecting BRAC bank is a sensible choice to enjoy different online banking services.

BRAC bank services is a good choice.

To visit the official BRAC Internet Banking click here.

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