PSIS Internet Banking

PSIS Internet Banking

A) The Services Offered and Accessibility

Access to the money

PSIS Internet Banking customers now can conveniently access as well as manage their accounts 24×7 under the PSIS internet banking service.

They would be able to log in at any place and conduct the following transactions on their account:

  • Monitor and manage the balance in their accounts
  • Get printouts of account statements
  • Easily transfer funds between their different accounts
  • Choose the term deposit scheme of their liking and set it up
  • Set up automatic payments and also track them
  • If need be, make a request for actual physical paper statements
  • Make changes to their account profile
  • Log in their report for a lost or stolen card

Number of linked accounts

PSIS Internet Banking

PSIS Internet Banking

You can have varied accounts like call accounts, current accounts, youth accounts and savings accounts. You can use EFTPOS cards, telephone banking, and text banking services also if you wish. Cash shortfalls can be made up through credit line or overdraft facilities

Safety And Security

PSIS use a number of time tested systems for total customer protection when using the internet banking service. There is a 128-bit encryption as well as firewall protection enabled to prevent any unlawful access by outside computers. Instructions on how to prevent phishing as well as virus attacks and advice on what antivirus programs need to be installed are regularly shared with customers.

PSIS also have their own patented Safe Key method. This is a display of a 6 digit number that needs to be entered by the customer when logging in and since this changes every minute, there is no way , any hacker would be able to access anybody’s account. The service is a free one which customers can request online.

Customer Service Options

PSIS recommend contacting the local branch for any problems as a first step. However, both telephone banking and internet banking is open 24×7 for customers to get their queries resolved.

B) Banking and Monetary Services

 Annual percentage yield

PSIS offer both deposit interest rates products as well as lending or loan interest rates products. The current 6 month Term Deposit being advertised prominently is an interest rate of 4.40% on a minimum deposit of $5000. The interest would be cumulative and compounded quarterly.

There are vehicle, home, personal, recreational, debt consolidation and a variety of other loans being offered under the loan interest rates scheme.

Additional products and services

They offer a number of low risk investment products such as an online account where you do not have to maintain any minimum balance, but earns you high interest of 3.25% pa. You also can invest in bonds if you wish a longer commitment and a special KiwiSaver product that enables you to plan the money for retirement.

Automatic savings plan

A Basic Saver plan that earns you an interest of 1.5% pa on all credit balances in your account. Then there are other plans like ultra saver, step saver and smile on call where the interest rates are different depending on the amount invested and the period.

C) The Registration Process

Customers need to visit the PSIS homepage and follow the registration as well as login buttons on the right side. Once registered, they can choose the password of their choice. If they are already a telebanking customer with the bank, then they can also register using their telephone banking PIN. This registration is free of cost.

PSIS Internet Banking services is a good choice.

To visit the official PSIS Internet Banking click here.

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