Westpac Internet Banking

Westpac is one of the biggest Australian banking organizations, a recognized global financial organization and one of the top eco-friendly banks in the world. Westpac online banking allows customers to view all open accounts, their expenses and to gain access to the bank’s various resources.

A) The Services Offered and Accessibility

a. Access to the money

As a Westpac customer, you now do not have to visit the physical branch of your bank and can use the internet banking for the following activities:
View and monitor the expense transactions
Transfer your funds from one account to the other
Make payment of utility bills
Activate or deactivate debit and credit cards
Check the status of cheques that you have issued
Observe the account and check for any malicious activity
Get printouts of current and past account statements

b.Number of linked accounts

Westpac provides various bank accounts, home loans, credit cards, insurances, retirement services, investments, business banking services and financial planning services.

c.Safety And Security

Westpac Internet Banking

Westpac Internet Banking

Westpac’s security guarantee provides a full refund to customers whose accounts are compromised by fraud. In addition, Westpac provides a Protect SMS code that protects its personal customers. Text messages are sent to the account’s associated mobile number to confirm various transactions.

Westpac provides safeguards to protect corporate and business clients against fraud with the use of its SecurID tokens. A digital security code is generated with this device and is used in combination with the account password to provide account access.

Online protection is provided with the use of extended validation certificates. A green address bar on their internet browser will assure customers they are using a secure, legitimate Westpac site.

d.Customer Service Options

Options for providing feedback and complaints are available by telephone, online, by mail and through fax. Issues that cannot be resolved can be referred to a financial ombudsman service provided by the bank. Self-service banking is possible 24 hours a day. Contact numbers are provided for personal and business customers to get help with various banking products.

B) Banking and Monetary Services

a. Annual percentage yield

Various APRs apply to the different savings accounts depending on the plan. eSaver rates vary from 3.50% variable to 5.10% variable (includes a bonus 1.60% fixed rate for 3 months for new eSaver customers). Reward saver rates vary from 0.50% to %.30%. Westpac Cash Manager rates vary up to 3.55% depending on account balances. Term deposits vary from 2.55% to 5.20% depending on term and amoumt of deposit.

b. Additional products and services

Westpac offers mobile banking for devices such as The Blackberry, Android, iPod Touch, and the iPhone. In addition, the online bank provides ETFs, IPOS, warrants, investment in shares, options and managed funds.

c. Automatic savings plan

Westpac Internet Banking

Westpac Internet Banking

Automatic savings can be made into a Westpac eSaver account. All first time eSaver customers or customers without an eSaver account in the previous 3 months will be given a fixed bonus rate of 1.60% p.a., in addition to the standard variable rate of 3.50% p.a. This extra bonus will apply for the first 3 months only, and interest will be paid monthly.

C) The Registration Process

The process is simple once you have an eligible Westpac account. Using your 8 digit customer ID and your online banking password, you can complete your online registration after changing your password and accepting the online banking terms and conditions. Mobile banking will be available to you using the same customer id and password.

Westpac Internet Banking services is a good choice.
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