Services Offered and Accessibility

UOB offers several services based on your type of account, such as business internet banking where business owners can do transactions online, whether buying or selling products or even making payments, eAlerts are also available where a client receives tips on better financial management through texts or emails and there is also the self-service banking service where a client is able to do any transactions, whether depositing or withdrawing money from their account or even looking up their account balance.

Access to the money

The client is able to access the money in their account through various means, the easiest being through the internet. UOB offers safe and secure online banking services where the client is able to conduct services such as making deposits or withdrawing money from their accounts no matter where they are, provided they have the internet. For mobile phone users, there are is an application that can be downloaded that can enable them to access the same services as those using computers on the go.

Number of Linked Accounts

You can link your personal account number with a joint account number with UOB. Access to either account is available online on your UOB online account page where you can do transactions on either account you wish, ensuring that the accounts serve you when you need them to.

Safety and Security

UOB Internet Banking

UOB Internet Banking

UOB offers secure online banking with a system that ensures that a client’s details are confidential and uses multiple firewalls to make sure that transactions are only viewed by the client and the bank. The encryption technology used by UOB is secure enough to prevent hackers and malware from accessing the client’s details and account. The clients are also supplied with a toll-free number to call if they suspect compromise of security of their accounts.

Customer Service Options

Through UOB, the customer can use services such as bill payments, online investment services, managing accounts, online applications, online remittances, placing money to fixed deposit accounts among other numerous services.

Banking and Monetary Services

Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
The rates of the yield vary with the terms of the accounts. A 3 months fixed deposit account has an APY of 0.10%; 6 months fixed deposit account has an APY of 0.15% while a 1 year fixed deposit account has an APY of 0.25%.

Additional products and services

UOB also offers additional products and services to its clients such as around-the-clock banking from anywhere the client is as well as occasional promotions and discounts at selected stores and also increased yield rates on selected account types. Upon opening certain accounts with UOB, the clients also receive certain gifts such as watches or trips to cruises.

Automatic savings plan

UOB Internet Banking

UOB Internet Banking

The client can also set up a regular savings plan where they can automatically deposit money to be saved in that account.

The Registration Process

In order to set up an account at UOB, you need to fill out a form available at their website and forward it to them via email or the website itself. To qualify for an account at UOB, you must have an account with any bank in the UOB Group.

UOB Internet Banking services is a good choice.

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