Firstdirect bank is one of the best and award winning banks in the UK because of the introduction of the internet banking among its products to their clients. Firstdirect internet banking is available to all clients at any time of the day they want as long as they can access the internet.

A) Services offered and Accessibility

The Firstdirect bank offers different services to their clients. This service includes:

Checking of balances and requesting for banking statements via the internetRegistering for text messaging from the bankMonitoring of transactions that are going on in the holders accountSetting of the payment details for clientsSpecial request of personal identification numbers popularly known as the PIN, and even replacing of banks debit cardsApplication of personal loansPaying of all types of bills to those companies that have been connected with the Firstdirect internet banking servicesTransfer of money between different accounts, both to another Firstdirect bank or even another bank through wire transfers

Access to the money

Client who operate accounts at the Firstdirect bank can easily access there money from anywhere they wish and any other first direct bank in the country.

Number of linked accounts

  Firstdirect Internet Banking

Firstdirect Internet Banking

Firstdirect bank has various types of bank accounts for clients which can be accessed via the Firstdirect internet banking. The linked accounts include savings account, corporate account and even savings account which is accessed from any place in UK denominations. All the account holders can access through online banking.

Safety and security

Firstdirect bank has put in place several measures to secure internet bankers. Firs each customer has a password which is not even available to employees of the bank. This comes with a unique user name and a question and answer which the client sets up themselves. In addition the bank employs higher level of encryption coding to stay safe.

Customer service option

The Firstdirect internet banking offers instant help to clients all day. The bank operates a voice messaging system that will guide users. For emergencies there is a customer representative on standby. Clients can also reach the support center through mails, telephone and fax.

B) Banking and monetary services

Annual percentage yields

Many bank account holders with Firstdirect enjoy an APR flat rate of 4.5% that is charged by the bank p.a. However there are some instances that the APR rate will raise depending on the term and amount of loans taken from time to time.

Additional products and services

At Firstdirect bank, clients will enjoy extra services that include mobile and phone banking services, world wide travel insurance credit and gold card services, investment funding, currency converting and processing of mortgages.

Automatic saving plan

  Firstdirect Internet Banking

Firstdirect Internet Banking

The Firstdirect bank offers clients the chance to have access to their daily savings. This is the best chance to make some savings from your first deposit. The savings are boosted by a 1% AER variable in addition to the standard saving rate. This mainly applies to the savings account holder.

C) Registration process

Clients who wish to enroll in the Firstdirect internet banking can do so in simple steps. First they can visit the bank offices to sign up or use the online application procedure. Here they are required to present the forms and submit it for processing. Any account holder can sign for the services if they so wish within the shortest time possible.
Firstdirect Internet Banking services is a good choice.

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