ANZ. CO. NZ internet Banking is one of the best known financial brands in New Zealand which is committed to provide responsible products and services globally. Having a wide span of financial services accommodating banking investments, asset finance and payment resolutions made them achieve their financial goals.

A) The Services Offered and Accessibility

ANZ Internet Banking

Access to the money

ANZ.CO.NZ internet banking is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can quickly access your balances and past bank transactions, transfer money, pay bills to over 2,000 registered billers, tax payment, oversee your loan and credit card payments.

Number of linked accounts

Nearly all ANZ accounts, such as term deposits, home loans, personal loans, credit cards and everyday banking and savings accounts can be linked to ANZ internet banking. You can linked it by providing your ANZ internet banking customer registration number via the link/de-link business accounts online form or you may call 0800 368 524 and inquire to a customer service consultant.

Safety and Security


ANZ Internet Banking

ANZ.CO.NZ internet banking has deployed numerous security measures to guard all your transactions and personal data. The list of security measures they have been utilizing are as follows:Fraud Detection System. This system monitors all banking transactions and is capable to identifying doubtful activities. It will automatically freeze your account in case of any detected doubtful patterns of transactions.
Encryption and Firewalls. Your personal information will be change into coded language using 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology which will prevent unauthorized users to access your account. And also firewalls mechanism will keep hackers from entering the bank network. Automatic Time-Out. Exceeding the default banking session of 15 minutes will automatically shut off your session. The bank also recommends to comply with the suggested computer system requirement to optimize your security when transacting online. Account Aggregation. Only authorized initiated services by ANZ can access your ANZ account.
Furthermore, they have successively included security chip card and is continuously working on the chip card to meet global standards to meet their customer needs overseas.

Customer Service Option

There are six outstanding banking service options that will surely satisfy the needs of their customers locally and overseas, namely online banking, mobile banking, branches & ATMs, phone direct, EFTPOS card and online applications.

B) Banking and Monetary Services

Annual percentage yield

The bank is offering personal loans with variables rates for as low as 16.95% -18.75% p.a., special rate for term deposit for 4.50%- 4.60% and with various house loan terms of payment from 6 months to 5 years plan ranging from 5.65%-6.90% p.a. All data are subject to change and should be validated and seek confirmation from ANZ before taking any action.

Additional products and services

Additional features of ANZ.CO.NZ internet banking like secure email services which allow you to securely send your classified bank records and enquiries, multiple payments through a single debit and special grant for business partners to access your account are just progressively adding to their outstanding service support to customers.

Automatic savings plan

Special deals for saving plans includes a reward bonus rate by at least saving $20 during your account date cycle and you qualify to win great cash prizes. ANZ saving accounts includes ANZ online call account, serious saver, advantage and youth account.

C) The Registration Process

To access the ANZ internet banking services, you need to complete the registration process, enumerated below:
You need to contact the bank toll fee on 0800 269 296 to register ANZ Phone Direct before you can access ANZ.CO.NZ internet banking. For multiple- authority account, all required signatories should be intact before presenting the application to any ANZ branch for verification purposes.Use your ANZ phone direct customer registration number and personal identification number to access the internet banking services.Replace your default password between 8 and 16 characters for security purposesFor internet banking business package request, you may contact your local Business Manager for the registration details. (bank toll fee 0800-269-249)

ANZ Internet Banking services is a good choice.

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